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Massage, Yoga with Salt, Nutrition, & Vivify Overall


“I have been doing Yoga with a Salt session in the mornings, the combination leaves me feeling relaxed and zen, but also energetic for my day. And with not being super well-coordinated, the small class size with lots of personal instruction really helps me!”

Infrared Sauna

“I feel refreshed, more energetic to tackle the day.”

Salt Therapy

“I immediately feel my sinuses are clearer and I felt like a could take a deep breath through my nose.”

“I spend $200 per month on creams for my Rosacea, and after one session it helped clear it up. I need to get a package to come weekly!”


“My therapist described how I may hold tension, trauma in my body, and this was the release I needed!”


“Best sleep of my life for a week and I plan to continue my sessions!”


“Working with Stacy, I was able to lose weight, regain my health and I continue to have a healthy diet without processed food. Yoga helped greatly to reduce stress in my life.”

“Dr. Stacy, you told me making simple changes would change my life, and you are right! I know this is just the beginning to enjoying optimum health.

“Everything changed the first week after changing my diet. For the first time in years, I slept soundly through the night. Not that fitful, restless sleep; but deep, solid sleep all night long. My ankles and hands stopped swelling, my headaches went away, and I had unbelievable energy!”

“I now come home from work, cook a healthy dinner, am actively involved with extra-curricular activities, and even have the energy to exercise. I no longer take any pain medication, (I mean nothing!) I don't need my prescription diuretic, and I lost 26 pounds!

I have continued to maintain this healthy lifestyle and I feel better than I have in at least 10 years. Thank you for the opportunity to feel great — and live my life again!”

“After working with Stacy, I feel like a new person! My skin and hair looked great after 3 weeks, I lost weight and ended up only a few pounds heavier than what I weighed in college! I feel considerably less stiff in my joints. And I have so much energy!”

“My favorite part as a 'foodie' is how completely clean my palate is. Food has never tasted so amazing. It really underscores how we dull our taste buds with sugar and salt. I will continue to apply what I have learned through this process for the rest of my life. I know it will help me to maximize my health, energy, psychological well being and appearance.”

“Working with Stacy has really kick-started a personal wellness path for me. While the program she put me on helped me to feel strong and healthy, it prompted me to have blood work done that indicated a thyroid imbalance and vitamin D deficiency. Not wanting to go on synthetic hormones, I started a nutrition program with Stacy to help these imbalances and have started to regain energy.”

“The best part of the program was the knowledge gained about how certain foods zap my energy and how others keep me sustained and energized. I am still using the knowledge and experience to make my grocery shopping list, cooking and eating decisions.”

“I feel that without this experience, I would either be fumbling around trying to figure out why I was so worn out and tired, or using anti-depressants, prescription medication or caffeine to help make it through the day.”