How are you affiliated with Avenues of Counseling and Mediation, LLC?

While we are a separate branch, we are under the same ownership as Avenues of Counseling. Our owner, Lisa Borchert-Hrivnak, wanted a way to offer whole-body care to clients. 


Where are you located in relation to the Avenues Fairlawn office?

We are located below the Fairlawn office. 

Do you accept insurance?

No. We are unable to accept insurance at this time. However, with approval, you may be able to use your HSA card to pay for appointments.

What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable! In all of our services, you will be either active, sitting, or laying down, so whatever your choice of outfit for these activities is works perfectly.


Will there be a Wellness at Avenues location in Medina since there is an Avenues of Counseling office there?

No. At this time we will only be located in Fairlawn.


Do I have to be a client of Avenues of Counseling to utilize Wellness at Avenues?

No. It was important to us to keep the two separate. We understand there may be counseling clients not willing to try our holistic services, and vice versa. 


Do you accept walk-ins? 

Yes. However, we do not guarantee you will get an appointment. Services such as Salt Therapy and Massage require more planning than the others, so the day could be already filled. 


"I just found out I am a diabetic, where do I start, can a Clinical Holistic Nutritionist help?"

Yes! Start by scheduling a consultation with Stacy. She will coach and support you through making the changes you need to help you balance your insulin.

"I have digestive issues that are creating havoc on my life, where should I start with my diet?"

Eating a simple diets that allows your digestive system to work more efficiently is a great first step. Stacy can guide you through the steps that you need to bring balance to your digestive system through diet and cleansing and get you back to feeling your best.

For those with Rheumatoid Arthritis, should Nutrition be part of my management?

Yes! Every autoimmune disease will greatly benefit from creating a solid nutritional foundation.

I am trying to lead a less stressful life to manage my Lupus, but what about food?

Proper nutrition has been shown to reduce flare ups.

Migraines! I have tried lots of medications and nothing consistently helps.... Is there any evidence food selections can make a difference?

Yes! Identifying food triggers can reduce and even eliminate migraines.

My sleep is disrupted each night. I have to use the restroom several times a night, what could be going on?

There are several possible factors that can cause nocturnal urination. Stacy can help you identify the cause and coach you through the changes you need to make to correct the problem.

My child has recently been diagnosed with Autism and my therapist suggested I see a Clinical Holistic Nutritionist, why?

It is important to create a solid nutritional foundation, this not only helps with cognitive develop but it will also help other therapies be more effective.

I read on the Internet that Multi Vitamins are not helpful and your body just gets rid of them.

Yes, this is true. Our nutritionist, Stacy, has spent close to 10 years researching supplements. She can help you figure out what supplements may benefit you and will only recommend therapeutic supplements that have been proven to work.

I am in early recovery from addiction and am reading information about why I am craving sweets, what can I do?

Sugar, a stimulant substance on its own, is created in the blood stream by alcohol. Many addicts and alcoholics undergo severe sugar cravings in the first months of recovery as their body searches for some kind of substance to satisfy they’re cravings. Relying heavily on sweets can put your health at risk by swapping drug and alcohol addiction for sugar addiction. Stacy can teach you how to control sugar cravings with the use of herbs and food choices.

I am an addict and am trying to wean off of a narcotic, can a Nutritionist help me?

When most people think of a drug detox, they think of getting clean and removing the toxic substance from the body. But an essential part of the detox process is actually feeding your body to replace lost nutrients. A healthy body makes it easier to avoid a relapse and will make a world of difference during your recovery.