What Happens in a Salt Room?

What can I expect from Salt Therapy?


Salt Rooms Come in All Shapes and Sizes


Salt rooms are all a little different. Some actually look like a cave, with salt covering the walls and ceiling. Some even have salt covering the floor like a sand-box, and the staff will ask you to wear protective booties to keep your germs out. One thing that salt rooms generally have in common is they tend to be cool, low-lit and have some element of salt decor. Aside from looks, there is another important piece to consider when choosing a salt room to attend, and that is whether it is an ‘active’ or ‘passive’ salt room. Active salt rooms include a Halogenerator (a piece of machinery that grinds and pushes salt particles into the room) and are primarily based on providing controlled way of directing micro-particles of salt into the air to be inhaled and exposed to the skin. A passive salt room uses large amounts of salt in the room but does not have a Halogenerator. Passive salt rooms attempt to simulate the environment of a true salt cave, and control the climate by regulating the airflow, humidity and temperature to allow for an allergen and pollutant free environment. The Halogenerator is a must-have in order to receive the maximum wellness benefit. At Vivify we have made that investment in order to provide our clients the most effective session.


Vivify’s Salt Room Experience


When you attend a salt therapy session here at Vivify, your experience is our top priority. We don’t rely on gimmicky tricks to get you here. Our staff will make sure you are fully informed about the benefits of salt therapy and answer any questions you have. You have access to your own private locker to stow your things. You can arrive dressed comfortably for your salt session, or change here before it starts. Our salt room is climate-controlled and cool, but we provide blankets for your comfort. Each padded, adjustable lounger is separated by partitions to ensure your privacy. Your group can choose to listen to gentle instrumental music, soothing nature sounds or a guided meditation. Soon after your salt session starts, you will notice that the air around you appears misty. As the halogenerator grinds the Himalayan salt into micro-particles, it blows the salt into the room, making it appear hazy. You may begin at this point to feel a tickle in your nose or throat, you may start to sniffle or cough. This actually means the salt particles are beginning to absorb the foreign substances in your respiratory tract, and are assisting your body in eliminating them from your system.