Massage Therapy

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Who can Benefit from Massage?

Massage may seem like a luxury but it is maintenance, it improves your health and state of mind, when you feel peaceful and relaxed it will be felt by everyone you come in contact with, it is a cascade effect. Massage therapy can help a wide range of people. It is safe to say that almost anyone could benefit from it. Massage can greatly help:

  • Athletes 

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic neck pain

  • Stress in cancer patients

  • High blood pressure

  • Tension Headaches

  • Depression

Types of Massage:


Swedish Massage

Generally regarded as the most common form of massage, Swedish massage involves a combination of five basic strokes and concentrates on the muscles and connective tissues of the body for improved circulation, relaxation, pain relief, and overall health maintenance and well-being. Swedish massage is also one of the less demanding techniques for massage therapists to practice as it usually does not involve deep-tissue work.


Deep-Tissue Massage

Utilizes slow strokes, direct pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles with the fingers, thumbs or elbows. Deep-Tissue Massage works deeply into the muscles and connective tissue to release chronic aches and pains; its purpose is to reach the fascia beneath the surface muscles.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Deals with the fascia, or connective tissue, of the body. The fascia is interconnected to every other part of the body, and actually helps to support the body's very structure, including the musculoskeletal system. When injury, inflammation, or physical or emotional trauma occurs, the fascia can become tight and cause pain and/or restricted range of motion. Myfascial Release -- as its name suggests -- aims to release the fascia and return it to a state of normalcy by applying gentle pressure to the restricted areas. MFR can help with a number of conditions, including chronic pain, headaches, and stress-related illnesses.

Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage are the best for those with very tight and sore muscles. How it works is hot stones are placed strategically on certain parts of the body. By doing this, the heat from the stones allows your muscles to relax and release. After the stones heat your muscles, the massage part becomes very easy for you and the massage therapist. The heat from the stones also helps improve your circulation and calms your nerves. 


For anyone who has ever been through a cancer treatment, having a massage therapist who is trained in Oncology Massage is ideal. Their knowledge of the disease itself, and having the ability to modify any massage to better serve the client makes a difference in their comfort level. Many of the changes that will be made to your session will be almost undetectable, but to you as a client they are essential to safety and proper support of your well being.


Receiving a massage during your pregnancy can help relieve extra stress caused by hormones. Pregnant women obviously have needs that are different to the typical patient in terms of positioning on the massage table. The massage therapist may utilize cushions to support a growing belly in a side position, or use it to support the lower back. Massage can also help women who are experiencing swelling in certain areas as well as the ordinary aches and pains associated with pregnancy.


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