Women’s Fall Retreat

Finding the Goddess Within!

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This is a two-day workshop offering five leaders and specialists, including two Art Therapists, a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Clinical Nutritionist and professional drum circle leader. Participate in engaging activities in art making, meditative practices, energy work, yoga, nutrition, salt therapy and so much more. We are excited to bring this creative and energetic workshop to you, to help you help you connect and empower the goddess that resides within!

A Very Successful Women's Retreat!

Check out what the Finding the Goddess Within Retreat participants have to say:

"Overall very relaxing 2 days and the lunch both days was great. Also really enjoyed the drum circle."

"I participated in the Finding the Goddess within retreat this past weekend. It was a glorious experience! I think the weekend was incredible and I have no suggestions for improvement. The atmosphere was such that I felt open to sharing and healing .... and embracing my perfectly imperfect whole self!"

"Thank you so much for sharing your years of experience with us. The weekend almost feels like a dream. I struggle with human connection, yet in two short days, I felt connected to 6 perfect strangers in ways that I cannot explain. If I took one thing away from this weekend, it was that no matter where we are in life, we all just want to love and be loved. Thank you for inspiring me to reconnect with MYSELF as well. My favorite experience from the weekend was when we were in the drum circle and had just finished playing instruments and singing as a group. I felt joy deep inside my soul like never before. I look forward to continuing down my path of wellness. I wish that I didn't live so far away because I would love to utilize your services on a broader level."

"The entire Goddess Retreat was amazing. Thank you so much for the thought and effort that went into every detail. The urban zen yoga as part of the Goddess retreat was so relaxing and centering. Even though there were 8 participants, I felt that my needs and comfort were well attended to."

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