Salt Therapy

45 minute Sessions

Single Session: $35 (Now on sale for only $25!)

5 Sessions: Only $100!

10 Sessions: Only $200!

15 Sessions: Only $300!

3 Month Unlimited: $195 per month

1 Year Unlimited: $125 per month

Rent the Room: $150 (Fits 6)

Infrared Sauna

5 Minutes: $5

10 Minutes: $10

15 Minutes: $15

20 Minutes: $20

30 Minutes: Save! Only $25

Massage Therapy

30 Minutes: $45

60 Minutes: $85

90 Minutes: $125


30 Minutes: $50

60 Minutes: $85


60 Minute sessions

Single Session: $125 (Promotion through June, $60 per session!)

Packages must be used within one year of purchase.

6 sessions: $575 ($175 discount)
10 sessions: $950 ($300 discount)
20 sessions: $1900 ($450 discount)


1 Hour Sessions

All group yoga sessions are held in our beautiful Himalayan Salt Therapy Room
Yoga Classes that Include Salt:

  • Yoga for Every One

  • Slow Flow

  • Urban Zen

    Price: $20 (On Sale Now through June $15 a class!)

Yoga Classes Without Salt:

  • Vinyasa

  • Energetic Vinyasa

  • Power Yoga

Price: $15 (On Sale Now through June $12 a class)

1 Hour Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are usually held in our Himalayan Salt Therapy Room, however you can select a private yoga session with or without salt.

Private Yoga Session without Salt: $60

Private Yoga Session with Salt: $80

1 Hour Private Urban Zen Sessions

Private Urban Zen sessions include gentle movements, restorative yoga poses, body and breath awareness practices, aromatherapy and Reiki. Private Urban Zen is usually held in the Salt Therapy Room, however you can select a private Urban Zen session with or without salt.

Private Urban Zen Session without Salt: $60

Private Urban Zen Session with Salt: $80

Clinical Nutrition

Phone Consultation (15 Minutes): FREE

Track 1: Chart Your Course to Health: 3 Sessions (30-45 min) plus 1 Grocery Tour:

This track is for the average person who wants to improve sleep, mood and energy, decrease mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety and stress.

Price: $35 per session

Track 2: Take Your Mental and Physical Health to the Next Level: 8 Sessions (30-45 min)

This track is for the person with "stubborn" symptoms, a recent mental health or physical diagnosis (ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Auto-Immune, Cardiovascular, Celiac, or Diabetes). This is a guided process to consider ways to cleanse, repair, and fortify your body. Dr. Cantlin will look at what symptoms persist and how to tackle them.

Price: $35 per session


Community Acupuncture: $40 per session

Classes fit 8 people.

Receive a discount when you buy 6 sessions!

6 sessions: $199 (reg. $240)