Private Yoga

Woman in private yoga session getting assistance from instructor on a yoga pose

Private yoga sessions are available throughout the week. Each private lesson with our instructor will be designed to suit your exact needs, and can include reiki, salt therapy, meditation or essential oil therapy if desired. Scheduling is via phone only and involves a brief phone consult with the instructor, which gives her the opportunity to create an experience that will be best for you.


Why would I choose Private Yoga?

While it may never have occurred to you that private yoga lessons are an option, instructors here at Vivify offer the service. There are several benefits to your yoga practice that a private session can provide.


Learn the Yoga “Ropes”

If you are a yoga beginner, a regular yoga class at a large studio might feel overwhelming. You may find it hard to keep up, especially since many poses take practice to learn. You may also have difficulty seeing or following the instructor if you are unfamiliar with the technique, and looking to a neighbor for guidance is not ideal either (who knows if he is doing the pose properly and safely!). In a private yoga session the instructor will walk you through each move, and immediately assist you into the appropriate form so you can learn quickly and avoid injury.

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